[NRVR-Members] Thur night Meeting, & Saturday Launch

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YEah Caitlyn.. I'm not one to buy many documentaries on disc either.  Some of my favorites like the BBC's Planet Earth I have not purchased.. I just wait until it's on Netflix.. But this one I recommend rocket/space geeks buy. It's historical, and based on some newly discovered completely new 70mm stock footage that is breathtaking. If you buy one disc this year.. I would make it this one. :)


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If I were closer to the area, I'd be all for it. Let me know what you all think of the Apollo 11 50 Year Anniversary documentary, if you all don't mind? I'm on the fence about picking up myself since I don't normally pick up movies or documentaries in disc.

Caitlyn Stone

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I too am out of town!


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I will not be at the Thursday meeting.  That is my last class for the summer.
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Hey all!

We have a meeting currently scheduled for this Thursday, and the June launch this Saturday.

On the meeting, a number of you echoed the desire to watch the new "Apollo 11" 50yr anniversary blu-ray at this Thursday night's meeting.  Is that still the consensus?  If so.. I'll bring the blu-ray and the player (and a microwave) if someone can bring some popcorn & maybe a flat of water (I think the club can pay you back).
Speak up if you're a go/no-go for the special movie night.
(as always though.. if you have any projects you're working on.. please bring them to show the rest of us. We'll make the time :)

On the June launch this Saturday, current forecasts initially looked a bit wet, but at least for now if you look at the details the % chance of precipitation is only 10-15%.. so we'll plan as a GO and send an update Friday night (here) if anything changes.

Questions? Thoughts? Suggestions?

Let us know..

President of NRV Rocketry

p.s. on the July BFSL summer launch, we have quite a bit of planning and action items to knock out. Let one of us know if you have any bandwidth to help out.
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