[NRVR-Members] Found Cheap Source for Dow 111 silicone grease

Thomas Tweeks Weeks tom at theweeks.org
Tue Jun 18 00:37:53 CDT 2019

Hey all..
I hadn't had the need for much motor o-ring grease since moving here 7 years ago as I have mainly used CTI hardware since moving to VA.  But now getting into research and building motors again.. I'm having to stock back up. 
Anyway, the Dow 111 o-ring lube that is often used in traditional motor grain assembly ain't cheap. Usually $20-30 for a 5 oz tube (on amazon). Well I just found this Pilot web site with it on clearance for under $12/tube. They still charge $5 for shipping.. but still a good deal:
[ https://pilotshq.com/dow-corning-molykote-111-valve-lubricant-5oz-111-p-5988.html ]( https://pilotshq.com/dow-corning-molykote-111-valve-lubricant-5oz-111-p-5988.html ) 
Just sharing..
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