[NRVR-Members] Final Motors Orders all In for Chris' Rocket Supplies?

Thomas Tweeks Weeks tom at theweeks.org
Sun Jun 30 23:55:38 CDT 2019

I hope you have your final Chris Rocket Supply motor orders in for delivery at "NRVR BFSL Summer Launch"?!?!
Chris says he has most AT and CTI motors in stock:
[ https://csrocketry.com/ ]( https://csrocketry.com/ ) 
He also says to call him if you have any questions or issues:
> Christopher Short> 850-554-6531> www.csrocketry.com
Whatever you do.. just don't wait!
p.s. the 54mm APC motor mixing workshop sign-up window has closed. More info here: [ https://forms.gle/GTskuWa8yQH1exyK6 ]( https://forms.gle/GTskuWa8yQH1exyK6 ) 
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