[NRVR-Members] Small November Launch? On or Off? Meeting?

Thomas Tweeks Weeks tom at theweeks.org
Mon Nov 11 22:38:25 CST 2019

Sounds like good support for the launch (please echo here if you can help with setup and/or breakdown).  It gets dark early now.. so there's that.
Shame about not enough student interest in a meeting on HP builds.. I thought there were a ton of students preparing to do their L1s.
Maybe we can have one over the holidays. or in Jan once the students are back?
On Friday, November 8, 2019 11:34pm, "Thomas Tweeks Weeks" <tom at theweeks.org> said:

November Launch?
Hey all.. So we've rolled forward the date for the November Launch from the 23rd to the 16th since the 23rd seemed bad for everyone.  This should be a smaller "club launch".. fun.. just us.
We actually expect to fly some fun stuff.  However, we are down a couple officers.. and so we're just poking for to see if anyone else can come join it or not.  If not.. Bob might cut it short.
So please give us a feel for who would "come fly with us"  (out motto.. :)
Reply here if you're wanting to come fly with us and help out Nov 16th.
Thursday Meeting?
Also.. we had discussed having a HP rocket construction workshop meeting for some of our newer members and students. 
If anyone else would attend such a meeting please speak up here ASAP. 
If it's going to happen, I need to reserve the room now.
Tweeks Is Getting Tweaked:
If you all don't see me over then next couple months.. it's because I'm getting a much needed medical procedure (cervical spinal fusion) to address a pinched nerve issue I've had.. so I'll be out of commission for the latter half of Nov and well into December.  So please help out Bob and the other officers as needed. 
Oh, and stay tuned.. we may be having and end of year social event too.. separate from our regular launch/meeting schedule. :)
p.s.  Newer folks who are juts getting into High Power.. This blog piece has helped a number of our folks just getting into high power: [ http://nrvr.org/what-is-high-power-rocketry/ ]( http://nrvr.org/what-is-high-power-rocketry/ ) 
p.p.s. As elections are also coming up.. also consider thinking about interest in the various positions ([ see here ]( https://tinyurl.com/nrvr-duties )), and maybe throwing your hat into the ring.. At lease one, two, or maybe more positions are up for some fresh blood. (some of us old guys could use a break or have growing work commitments.. )
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