[NRVR-Members] AOE 2104 Launch

Weeks, Thomas t.weeks at vt.edu
Sat Oct 12 11:15:51 CDT 2019

Whoooaaaa.. okay then! Thanks for the heads up Pat! Hehe..

I guess we'll need to parallelize the checkin and LCOs. Do you have any helpers you can bring along  who can help with low power RSO check-ins and fill pad manager positions?

I remember last time we had that size crowd I think Eric was doing the RSO check-ins and it got a bit backed up (no ding on Eric.. it was just an endless flood of foot traffic).

Is there going to be a glide duration challenge again? Those are always a crowd pleaser.  Keep in mind since we have an additional night launch, that day launch operations start time gets pushed back to around 11am (or whenever we get setup). Speaking of which.. bringing some of those young strapping students for setup would be a big help. :)


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I will have about 150 students at the launch at the end of October, I expect 50-60 boost glider flights.

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