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Weeks, Thomas t.weeks at vt.edu
Mon Oct 28 09:27:54 CDT 2019

I saw it one the table just before dusk when I left for dinner with my family.. and not a lot of people were there..
Bob?  Did you see where that black Gerber ended up?


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Not related to donuts, but related to the launch ... I got home without my multitool.  I vaguely remember loaning it to someone, but I can't remember who.

So, does anyone have an extra black Gerber multitool?


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On a related topic.. those were good donuts Bob!

So this was a donut food truck?

I'm a sucker for good cake donuts. :)  And I'm about to host a donut tasting contest with our church's boys group.  This would be an interesting addition. :)

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Subject: [NRVR-Members] Launch is on

Good day for sparkyotors.   Fresh Mama Crocket donuts for set up at 10.

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