[NRVR-Members] Sept Meeting Off, Sept Launch IS GO (but need help)

William Noble wnoble at nr.edu
Wed Sep 25 17:08:25 CDT 2019

I will help with the set up and plan to launch early.  I could come back for the break down if needed.

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Subject: [NRVR-Members] Sept Meeting Off, Sept Launch IS GO (but need help)

Hey all..

This is late coming.. but the NRVR meeting if off for tomorrow night.  (calendar updated).

On the bright side.. Saturday looks like a great launch day.  As usual, we need the club to lend a hand with setup, LCO, RSO, and break down.  Especially since a couple key members (myself included) are out of town or juggling kids (me). So if you can help out, please echo your availability here. :)

As Bob indicated previously posted..

  *   Sparkies: We might get a little rain on Thursday.. but it's still very dry and so I wouldn't bet on flying sparkys (unless Bob mentions otherwise).
  *   Need Help: Setup starts at 9am. Ech here if you can help w/setup/LCO/RSO/breakdown
  *   Big Groups: students, scouts, etc, please let us know here so we're not swamped
  *   Cert Exams/Flights: If planning to certify, flag officers at nrvr.org<mailto:officers at nrvr.org>
  *   Safety Reqs: If you plan to fly K impulse or higher, are a student or new flyer, or are flying a complex or research rocket/motor, please fill out a Pre-Flight-Data-Capture form<http://server2.nrvr.org/files/TRA_Pre-Flight_Data_Capture_Form.pdf> and send it to us<mailto:officers at nrvr.org>

Cheers all,


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