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NRVR Members, 

If you are a L3 certified rocketeer, ESRA is looking for additional volunteers on the judging committee.   I’ve done it now for 2 years, and it is a ton of fun.   Even if you can’t make it to Las Cruces for the event, they are looking for assistance reviewing technical reports.   


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> Subject: Volunteers for the 2020 Spaceport America Cup
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> To all prior volunteers,
> This is Andrew Nuti reaching out from the ESRA Judging Committee to all of you have volunteered or expressed interest in the past. This year looks to be our largest Spaceport America Cup yet and as such we will need all the help we can on the judging committee. We of course will need judges on-site for the event, but understand that as a volunteer effort this is not possible for everyone. Equally valuable (and far more flexible on your end) is expanding the list of individuals who can assist in judging the ever increasing number of technical reports that we will be receiving.
> If you are interested in either role, the official registry method for 2020 Judges and Volunteers is handled through the form at: https://forms.gle/Re4LJWuxsB9oXXv76 <https://forms.gle/Re4LJWuxsB9oXXv76>
> If you have already filled out the form, no additional action is necessary and you should be hearing very shortly about our initial kickoff meeting for paper judging & week at Las Cruces prep.
> Thank you all for the efforts you have done and will do to keep the Spaceport America Cup as the amazing intercollegiate competition that it is,
> Andrew Nuti

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