[NRVR-Members] Club Meeting Thur night (being cool rocket stuff to ahow!)

tweeks@theweeks.org tweeks-imap at theweeks.org
Wed Jan 29 17:16:55 CST 2020

Just a quick reminder (and poll)..  

Meeting Agenda:
6pm - NRVR club elections & business
7pm - Rocket related ahow-n-tell 
In the CRC:
 1880 Pratt Dr 1880 Pratt Dr, Blacksburg, VA 24060
(Room 2018)
Clock on the event for details:

Memberships Renewals: 
Don't forget.. memberships expire Jan 31st.. so last chance to sign your 1010 membership form or pay 2010 membership dues: 
(lifetime membees still need to sign/initial their 2020 forms)

So who's bringing what for show n tell?

Bob .. can you bring that new Jawstand launch pad you're checking out?

I'm bringing my new Mobius Action (video) Cam.. and my new little Bluetooth altimiter.

Anyone else bringing anything cool?


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