[NRVR-Members] State of NRVR And Future Launches (+Want to do a Zoom Virtual Meeting?)

Thomas Tweeks Weeks tom at theweeks.org
Tue May 26 15:37:30 CDT 2020

Hello fellow Rocketeers!

First, I hope that everyone is safe, healthy and still employed.

State of NRVR Launches:
Second, I'm sorry for all the silence folks.. So far.. 2020 has really sucked for everyone.  

We're still in a holding pattern on resuming launches summer. VT will make an announcement and plan for resuming public gatherings (including at the Kentland property) in a couple of weeks.. so stay tuned for more info from us on then on if/when we can have small club launches again.

That being said, it sounds like large summer public gatherings are all called off regardless.. so that means no BFSL July launch. :(
Sad.. I know.. But still stay tuned.

Until we here more, keep building and posting those cool photos to the Fbook group:

What About Club Virtual Meeting?
In the mean time.. any of you guys up for a zoom/virtual club meeting?  
Any hot topics you would like to discuss?.. or goodies you've acquired you might like to show?  Bob and I were talking about having a zoom virtual meeting THIS THURSDAY NIGHT from 6:30-8pm (or whenever).

To keep from sending my zoom room link out to a public mail list.. if you want to join our first ever Zoom meeting, sign up with your email here:

And I'll send out a link to the zoom meeting. That should be fun. :)

Stay Safe!

NRVR Officers


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