[NRVR-Members] Renew Club Memberships BEFORE March for 50% discount, and not risk falling off the mail list!

Thomas Tweeks Weeks tom at theweeks.org
Sat Feb 13 12:48:42 CST 2021

Hey NRV Rocketry Members!

Renew 2021 Memberships ASAP:
Due to COVID and our relaxed schedule in getting started this year, we're extending the "2021 club renewal time" thru the end of Feb.. so if you're getting this email, you're still considered "current" for now..  However, come the 1st of March, as usual, we will refresh the list by dropping everyone from the list and only re-adding updated/current (2021) members.*  So if you don't renew by then, you could risk missing launch announcements, discussions, weather posts, membership HP build & certification advice, etc.

* NOTE: Lifetime club members (who have sacrificially supported the club and kept us afloat in prior years) are actually lifetime, and are perpetually "current". No form refreshes needed.

As always, membership forms can be found here:

2020 Member Renewal Discount!!
Renewing 2020 members, don't forget to mark 50% off your 2021 renewal fee form WHILE YOU ARE STILL CURRENT (for now).

2021 Tripoli Renewal Reminder: 
Tripoli (our parent org) has also relaxed their renewal window (I think til the end of Feb), so be sure to renew that soon too if you have not already done so: http://www.tripoli.org/Membership 

If you are looking to pursue your L1 certification this year, while you are NOT required to be an NRVR member, you ARE required to be a TRA (Tripoli) or NAR member to receive your certification. So don't wait!

Any questions, comments, etc.. please feel free to reply all here, or email officers(at)nrvr.org

NRVR Co-President

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