[NRVR-Members] Annual Meeting

Thomas Tweeks Weeks tom at theweeks.org
Fri Jan 29 07:56:15 CST 2021

Hey all.. good productive meeting.

Officer elections were completed.. Slight change in the officer lineup:

Prefect - Bob
Secretary/Treasurer - Adrien
President/President - Tweeks & Pat (for load balancing & availability)  :)

We've tentatively lined up launches for the 4th Sat of every month, starting in 
February. We have also looking to nail down a date for a big NRVR+Student Spring 
launch.. and have tentatively reserved a date for our BFSL (summer launch) of July 
24-25th (as soon as we get word back from our motor vendor).

As soon as we get a better feel for indoor grouping, we're looking for a date to 
hold another surface mount soldering party.. as a number of us have Egg Timer and
other SMT boards to solder.. and bringing all our gear together to help each other 
out seems to be an effective way of helping everyone complete these types of 
projects.  If you have a soldering project, just sign up here and tell us what 
you have to work on: 
    (just copy & paste into browser)

For all other events, be sure to subscribe to our club even calendar here:

After the official meeting ended.. we had a few stragglers who stayed on to discuss
the latest advances in 3D printing technology and printing with things like PETG 
(more heat resistant for use in rocketry and storage in hot cars).

If any of these topics are of interest, start a new thread here 
<nrvr-members at server2.nrvr.org>, or post something to our facebook group here:

As always, any questions for our officers, board of directors, or our Range Safety 
Officer(s) should be directed here:
    Officers - officers(at)nrvr.org
    Board - bod(at)nrvr.org
    RSO - rso(at)nrvr.org

Start getting those projects ready to fly Feb 27th!!

Come Fly With us!

President of NRVR (1 of 2 ;)

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