[NRVR-Members] Kentland Launch Tomorrow (Sat) 10:30 (setup), noon-5pm

Thomas Tweeks Weeks tom at theweeks.org
Fri Oct 29 15:14:22 CDT 2021

Hey all..
As previously discussed, we're back at Kentland tomorrow! Thanks to Bob and all those involved in the safety review and VT Agg for the continued use of Kentland as a Tripoli insured launch site.
Safety First:
There's a lot going on tomorrow..  So we really need to be on top of our game from a safety perspective too.
All [ safe distances must be strictly followed ]( http://server2.nrvr.org/files/2021_SLP-card.pdf )
No uncertified fliers (including the students) at the HP pads unaccompanied 
(max five uncertified people per certified escort).
No people cross the safety tape if "range is safe" is not announced
No congregating or uninvited kids under the LCO (launch control) tent  
And another reminder of our new safety requirements:
ALL HIGH POWER/CLASS-2 LAUNCHES are limited to our new safety reqs:
New ceiling restriction of 5kft,
New total (combined) max motor impulse of L, and
New total max loaded rocket weight (on the pad) of 30lbs
Any new, nonclub, or student flyers, or folks flying an L or breaking 3k ft, please submit a [ Pre-Flight Data Capture Form ]( http://server2.nrvr.org/files/NRVR_Pre-Flight_Data_Capture_Form_2020.pdf ) of your planned HP flight to [ officers(at)nrvr.org ]( mailto:officers at nrvr.org ) .
Forget anything Bob?
More launch info on [ our calendar event ]( https://www.google.com/calendar/event?eid=MWlpbGp1dG5vcmo5OGgwb3Z2NTQwM3NtY3AgZGpza3JndG03MmNka2cwMWZtOW1sdWk1aGNAZw&ctz=America/Toronto ).
Need Help:
Just a quick word... we could use some help at the launch.. Bob is overseeing 20 L1 student cert flights (!!) in our regular launch space, and Pat Artis' class will be having 30 glider teams cycle through a separate low power launch area that we'll be setting up on the south side of the road by "can-henge" (the circle of trash cans).  
On the HP side we will need a couple LCOs, maybe a second RSO to help Bob check student rocket safety, as well as maybe someone to help Pat RSO and LCO the glider launch area too.
Of course help doing the 10:30am setup and/or 5pm breakdown will also be much appreciated.
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