[NRVR-Members] FREE MOTORS - What F/G Rockets Are You Bringing To The Sinkland Pumpkin Farm Launch?

Weeks, Thomas t.weeks at vt.edu
Tue Sep 14 14:11:29 CDT 2021

Jus TXTd Bob about that now.. Esp since the punchy Gs ometimes sim LOWER than the long-burning Gs.


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I've got Logan's G-Force that is big but flies well on G engines. There's a slow burn (3 sec) I've put in the chart that sims to just under 1000'.

Its favorite engine is a G126 White Lightning which is loud as **** (and still only sims to 700') but it's over the 80N avg thrust limit.

I'll try to remember to pack Barb Armstrong and her rocket as well.

On 9/14/2021 2:12:12 PM, Thomas Tweeks Weeks <tom at theweeks.org> wrote:

We have the potential to get some FREE MOTORS from Sinkland Farms to wow the crowd with and bring in more foot traffic to the farm event.  If you have a medium power rocket (ideally low & slow).. and will commit to flying it as a "crowd-pleaser".. let us know what motor you would fly and we'll pick up a few.  (sign-up link at bottom)

The goal is to buy a few motors for each day we're there, but to keep all flights low, slow and dramatic.. Mainly Fs and Gs that will keep flights under 1500ft.


If you commit to help represent NRVR and fly a "crowd-pleaser" rocket for us.. we just need to know what kind of composite (single use or reload) motor you're needing. For example..  for average build 3FNC rockets we might want some G38/G40s (29mm), or if you have a sqaut little Sumo, Cowabunga, LOC IV, or spool... then something punchier is okay (e.g. a CTI 38mm G79).. as long as your sim predicts apogee under 1500ft. But please... nothing high and fast.. or breaking 1500ft. It's a small field.. with lots of people outside the launch & recovery area.

You can bring sparkies if you have them, but depending and field conditions, they may be grounded.. so we're not buying any for this event.

Sign up here by CoB Thursday:




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