[NRVR-Members] Launch This Saturday.. Come Fly With Us! (yaaay!)

Thomas Tweeks Weeks tom at theweeks.org
Mon Mar 21 23:36:22 CDT 2022

Hey all,
So we have the March launch coming up this Saturday, and we're all raring to go! Most of the details are on our calendar & event:
Calendar - [ http://nrvr.org/calendar/ ]( http://nrvr.org/calendar/ ) 
Event - [ https://tinyurl.com/nrvr-2022-03 ]( https://tinyurl.com/nrvr-2022-03 ) 
However, we have some changes on both our launch pad location and setup, as well as some new safety measures we have in place until we can collect more recovery zone data for VT Kentland.
New Launch Pad & LCO-Tent Locations:
In short, we're moving the launch pads SOUTH of the air strip and road, over by CanHenge (the circle of trash cans).  For some of you old timers, that's where we used to setup and fly before we needed 500ft clearance for flying M motors.  However, now that we have a wireless launch system, we can safely return to the south field, and effectively move our recovery zone more south of the dairy farm as well as the rocket-hungry power lines. (see below)
Here's the old and new range setup (old, North of the road, and new, South of the road locations):
Old (2021) - [ http://server2.nrvr.org/files/2021_Old-NRVR-North-Field-Layout.png ]( http://server2.nrvr.org/files/2021_Old-NRVR-North-Field-Layout.png ) 
*New (2022) - [ http://server2.nrvr.org/files/2022_New-NRVR-South-Field-Layout.png ]( http://server2.nrvr.org/files/2022_New-NRVR-South-Field-Layout.png ) 
Other than the launch pad & LCO location changes, here are a few other things of note for this launch...
We NEED YOUR HELP at this launch to :
1) Help Watch Traffic:
  We have not flown on the South field in a number of years, and as such,
  we need folks to help keep Launch Control appraised of traffic patterns ( "Caaarr!")
  We may (or may not) redirect traffic around the back side of the farm (see pic above*).
  Just watch for "Rocket Launch" signage as you drive in and follow accordingly.
2) Help Us Record All Rocket Landing Data: (visually or via GPS)
   We know from experience that this South Field location will be safer both for the dairy
   farm, as well as better avoiding the power lines.. However, we need your help to
   record each landing location so we can objectively show this safety improvement
   quantitatively.  (i.e. if you have GPS, bring it. :)
3) Honor Restricted Ceiling (2k) and Max Rocket Mass (10lbs):
  This is a self imposed safety restriction for this launch to show due diligence, while
   we collect this "South Field" recovery data Kentland.  There may be one RSO
   approved larger/higher ceiling launch.. but the 2kft & 10lb are our blanket limits
   for the day.
   We all need to get out a bit.. So let's all have a good time flying some  rockets! :)
We need a number of members to join us and help collect this data.. so please do 
come out and fly and have a good time.. as we need to collect as many data points 
as we can!
Student Flyers:
If you're doing a cert flight, be sure to let Bob know ASAP -->  [ officers(at)nrvr.org ]( http://mailto:officers@nrvr.org ).
Also.. if you are a new member, non-member, cert-flyer or student-flyer.. don't forget to get us a pre-flight data capture form, showing us your rocket's vitals and simulated flight-profile data. Forms are here: 
[ http://server2.nrvr.org/files/TRA_Pre-Flight_Data_Capture_Form.pdf ]( http://server2.nrvr.org/files/TRA_Pre-Flight_Data_Capture_Form.pdf ) 
Email it to [ officers(at)nrvr.org ]( http://mailto:officers@nrvr.org ) BEFORE Saturday for flight approval.
Setup, Breakdown & Weather:
And as usual.. we could also use a hand with setup at 9am.. and break down some time between 3-5pm. Nothing sucks like setting up and breaking down alone. ;)
Regarding weather.. We all know that March can be a little blustery.. so we're keeping an eye on the weather.. but for now.. assume the launch is GO.. and we'll announce by Friday night if anything is changing (so stay tuned here).
Any questions?  Please feel free to reply-all here..
NRV Rocketry Officers

p.s. I'm working on 2022 membership cards.. and should have them on hand.  It's also a good time/place to settle up on 2022 dues, and fill out 2022 renewal forms if you have not already done so.
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