[NRVR-Members] Club Launch This Weekend

Thomas Tweeks Weeks tom at theweeks.org
Wed May 25 22:43:14 CDT 2022

Hey all!
Ready to fly some rockets this Saturday?!
We're getting our group motor order in.. and prepping to fly!  Bring your new stuff out and let's see what you've got!
We're going to be trying another new launch pad layout this month to prepare for a VERY large, International launch we're helping CanSat/NASA with next month (see the [ CanSat calendar listing ]( https://www.google.com/calendar/event?eid=MG1uM2lpbTQ3YXJuNmY3czU4Z24zYnBnNGdfMjAyMjA2MTFUMTMwMDAwWiBkanNrcmd0bTcyY2RrZzAxZm05bWx1aTVoY0Bn&ctz=America/Toronto ) in June for more info).. For that launch, there will be between 100-200 students from around the world flying CanSat payloads.
However, this weekend is just a regular club launch, which should be awesome!  It looks like we'll have a nice wet week and a nice sunny Saturday, so we should be safe for sparkies.. but RSO makes the final call on Saturday. Most of the students are gone and we're setting up at 9am and flying all day.. So come fly with us!
NRVR Officers
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