[NRVR-Members] November Launch Cancelled + upcoming 10 yr Anniversary Party!!

Weeks, Thomas "Tweeks" t.weeks at vt.edu
Wed Nov 23 08:40:15 CST 2022

Hey all.. you may have seen the calendar change.. but the November launch is called off. Sorry for those of you who had cert launches planned. We already had a few folks out of town, but we had to call it off mainly bc we're also having to do some more safety-related, ballistic & recovery data collection for Kentland management. So yeah.. fun fun.

On the plus side.. 2022 is NRVR's TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY!
and we're going to have a party to celebrate! Hopefully at the AEDL "rocket lab" (over past Wolverine/VTTI in the south end of the CRC) where all the students do their rocket build projects.. maybe have some pizza and drinks.  Stay tuned for more info on that.

Anyone working on certs, if you have a test to get out of the way, reach out to Bob for getting that done, or email officers(at)nrvr.org.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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