[NRVR-Members] October Afternoon + Night Launch (THIS Sat)

Weeks, Thomas "Tweeks" t.weeks at vt.edu
Tue Oct 18 13:02:35 CDT 2022

The launch details of both launches (the afternoon and the evening launch) is updated on the calendar here:

If you plan to fly a rocket at night with us.. be sure to see the night launch details here:

And the Nigh Launch Safety Protocols here:

If you can help us with launch setup (Sat @10am).. or breakdown at 8-9pm.. LCO, RSO or pad manager duties.. please let us know (helping our also gets you $5 off the HP afternoon launch fees!)

If anyone went in on the NRVR group motor order, I think Bob's getting that shipment this week and will have them on site.

Students / Non-member, New Flyers flying any medium to high power (F and up), or cert flights, please fill out and send us your pre-flight data capture form:

Post here if anyone has any questions..

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