Anyone going to Red Glare? (Fri March 31 - Sun April 2nd)

Thomas Tweeks Weeks tom at
Sun Mar 19 13:51:07 EDT 2023

Red Glare at MDRA (in MD) is coming up in just over a week!!
[ ]( ) 
I think they have a 16k ceiling (last I checked). Talking with Bob.. I think he's going to be out of town (elsewhere).. But Pete Cadra (CCd) reached out to me a while back asking if any NRVR folks are going. Maybe we can meet up with some old friends there. 

I'm not sure if Pete is still GO.. but if anyone else is planning on going.. reply all.  Maybe we can carpool or caravan (not Pete.. he's not in VA).  I have a large SUV and even an larger open trailer if we have much "big stuff" we want to haul.  On Red Glare trips, I usually take off Friday and get there at the end of the day Fri and get a hotel for 2 nights.
Reply all here.. and we can organize details off-list.
Someone want to pass this to the VT students too?
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