[NRVR-Members] March Laucnh Scrubbed

Weeks, Thomas "Tweeks" t.weeks at vt.edu
Fri Mar 24 18:12:11 EDT 2023

The weather looks bad tomorrow folks..  and both Bob and I are unavailable on Sunday. :(
Rain in the morning and high winds (up thru 20mph) for the rest of the day.

Sorry...  I even had something prepped to fly.
I'll drop the rest of the membership cards into the mail.

On the plus side.. Good excuse to do your taxes (if you have not already).  That's what I'll be doing!

Mayeb now that the school year has started.. maybe we should have a club meeting at the Rocket lab!
Any topic suggestions?

Also.. If anyone else in planning to go to Red Glare<https://mdrocketry.org/red-glare/> next week..  flag me!

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