[NRV Rocketry] What are YOU preparing to launch at the Saturday Night Launch?

Thomas Weeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Sat Apr 6 00:11:19 CDT 2013

To get ready for the night launch, I just bought several strands of this 
lighting fro m the WalMart "rice-your-ride" section of automotive:

I'm in the process of affixing them to my LOC High-Tech-MM+ with an arduino in 
the payload pay to strobe, pulse and cycle them! Should be easy.. and fun!

For the Halloween night launch (that didn't happen) back at Sinkland in 2012, 
I also used some Halloween flash-eye circuits from dollar store kids flashy 
rings to load into my kids small estes rockets:

Simple, cheap (they're just like $1-2 each) and they're small enough to stick 
in an estes payload section or nose cone!  Tons of fun.

In the old days guys used to strap glow sticks to their body tubes.  Now days,  
LED finger lights are brighter, cheaper and easier:
	(also available at party supply, walmart and some dollar stores)

If you've never done a night launch.. they're a real hoot!

Just remember, here are the VAST rules around night launches:
                Technical & Safety Details:

Specifically.. pay attention to rule #4:
"There will be no first flights allowed during the night launch. To qualify 
for night launch, rockets must have successfully flown in the same flight 
configuration (motor, weights, illumination devices etc.) prior to the night 

What are YOU flying?

Let's light up the night!

NRVR Founder

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