[NRV Rocketry] Members Meeting and Feb Launches!

Charles Albright calbright at radiantse.com
Wed Jan 30 11:24:45 CST 2013

 So, Kevin has changed his mind and now he CAN attend the Feb VAST launch?

His website does seem to indicate this.


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Hey all!

Great members meeting last night. I just threw up a link and pic to it on 
FB page:

Also.. there will be more details coming, but we VAST is coming down for a 
two day VT Kentland Farms launch coming up on Feb 16-17th (16th = NAR
coverage, 17th is TRA). More details to come!

Order your low and high power motors now! Kevin from VA Wildman will take 
orders and deliver them to the launch (on Sat iirc) at a 10% discount (no
hazmat postal fee!). Cert flights get a free motor casing. Go here to order
* http://www.wildmanva.com/

* Recommend CALLING to ensure they are not shipped, and you get all the
applicable discounts.

Send certification flight intent-requests for NAR & Tripoli Level 1 & 2 High
Power Certification to rso at nrvr dot org for launch review and approval.

Stay tuned for more info!

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