[NRV Rocketry] Saturday Launch: Good news/bad news

Thomas Weeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Fri Jul 26 21:07:09 CDT 2013

Let's try this again:
NRVR fliers,

Thanks to the efforts of Kevin Shinpaugh we were able to get permission for
a one day launch at Kentland Farms for tomorrow, July 27.  Several of you
ordered motors from Ken Allen at Performance Hobbies and together the order
was large enough for Ken to give us free shipping.  FedEx just delivered
that package to me and [we will be bringing them to the launch site in the 
morning, or will get them to you soon if we're rained out].

Now some bad news.
I have not applied for an FAA waiver for NRVR at Kentland Farms.  In the past 
we have used the waiver that the VAST club has. I thought I could use that
waiver and asked if we could but the answer was no.  So at this point we do
not have a waiver for our own [high power] launches and so are limited to
Class 1 rockets (3.3 pounds or under and 125 grams of propellant or under) at
any of our launches.  I have started the waiver submission process and hope
that we will have our own waiver in the next 6-8 weeks, but this is not 
something I can control.

Another issue that I have no control over is the weather and the last
forecast I saw called for 80% chance of rain on Saturday.  
** I am [NOT] calling off the launch for tomorrow just yet, but it 
** is not looking favorable.  The officers will monitor the weather 
** and make a call as soon as possible, probably by 9:00 am tomorrow. 
** [So watch this mail list in the morning].

If we get rained out we will discuss options for another launch, but next
week is Steppin' Out in Blacksburg, and I have commitments for the next 2
weekends that will make me unavailable after 3:00 on Saturdays and all day

Thanks for all your support and we will get some rockets in the air soon.

Bob Schoner
Prefect  TRA #143
New River Valley Rocketry
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