[NRVR-Members] November launch moved up to THIS Saturday 11/8

Bob Schoner bob.schoner at gmail.com
Mon Nov 3 13:54:31 CST 2014

My apologies for the short notice.  I have thought about this for a few
days now and I am going to proceed with a NRVR launch on Saturday November

I can't do the weekend after Thanksgiving or the 15.  The weather may be ok
for this weekend, at least probably no snow.  I am still waiting for
responses to see if we can get a group order to save on hazmat fees or have
a vendor come to our launch.

This will be a Tripoli Commercial launch.  Anyone expecting to fly over
5,000 feet above ground level needs to contact me before hand so we can
make sure that the rocket does not exceed thew one mile radius or land off
the Kentland property.

I will work on getting the calendar updated on our website.

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