[NRVR-Members] Members Meeting on Making your own HP igniters and ematches, Nov 18th, 5:30pm-8pm

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Tue Nov 11 20:36:02 CST 2014

Agreed! Without the attending launch, I can't justify the trip, but video
would be cool!
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> >From the calendar:
>         http://nrvr.org/calendar.html
>         Map: http://goo.gl/UTL2qd
> Members Meeting, Nov 18th at space building in the CRC, 5:30pm - 8pm.
> Ever had problems with an igniter not lighting your motor? Ever run out of
> igniters and wonder what to do (other than call for Bob)?  Or what the
> actual
> difference is between an igniter and an ematch and why they're not
> interchangeable? Have you ever tried to purchase igniters or ematches
> separate
> from motors and wish you had easy access to extras?
> The topic for this meeting is Do It Yourself high power rocket igniters and
> ematches.  Both ejection ematches (for lighting black powder) and igniters
> (for HP lighting motors)  use  nichrome wire and pyrogen dip kits of
> various
> formulations.  Come and learn from seasoned L3 experts in this hands on
> demos
> what the differences are as well as what you need to know to "dip your
> own".
> There will also be some out-of-door burn demos showing the difference
> between
> various ignition technologies and tricks for safely getting a hard to light
> motors going.
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