[NRVR-Members] High Power Launch onApril 25th @Kentland, 10am-5pm

tweeks-junk2 at theweeks.org tweeks-junk2 at theweeks.org
Thu Apr 16 22:38:36 CDT 2015

I'm not one of the organizing officers any longer.. but I thought I would send out a reminder that we're having a high power launch in a week. Details, as always, on the calendar here:

Last I heard, there's no motor vendor on site, so if you want to do a group motor order and save on hazmat, you might want to find some people on list and do so now (if it's not too late).

It sounds like some of our core members are going to be flying some cool stuff at this one.. and I actually have all my high power birds repaired and ready for flight.. including my never before seen, now complete, 2.6" HP modified, HoJo Maxi. :)

Anyway.. see you all there..


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