[NRVR-Members] Outreach opportunities in February and March.

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I can’t make the meeting on Friday night, but I can help out on Saturday. I assume we’ll need an hour or so to get a booth set up, so is it 11:00am at Cassell? Also, do you need help transporting anything?


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I have a lot of information to cover but there may be some free rocket motors in it for you so please read this whole email.

We have an opportunity to help out with Virginia Tech's Kids Tech University on Feb 21.  This will be a big event - we are helping to build 400 model rockets!  Not a typo, yes, 400 model rockets.  There is also an opportunity to have a display showcasing New River Valley Rocketry for this event.

Some more details:
 - the students will be middle and high school students from across Virginia
 - there will be 50 VT students helping the kids to build their rockets.
 - the rockets kits are really nice Apprentice kits from Apogee
 - we could use some help instructing the VT student helpers (mostly EE students)
 - Ivan Galeish, founder of Battle of the Rockets and Federation of Galactic Explorers will be speaking to the kids and there will be an opportunity for NRVR to give a short 5 minute presentation.

How you can help:
 - need anyone who is interested in helping to come to a meeting this coming Friday, Feb. 20th at 6 pm at VBI (numbers 119 and 120 on a VT Campus map, no parking passes are needed). Please RSVP to me so I know how many NRVR members to order food for.
 - I may also need a few rockets representing NRVR just to let folks know a little more about us.
 - I want to work on a 1/2 page handout and some posters for the Saturday event so if you are interested in helping, let me know.

 - we also need help the following Saturday, Feb 21 from about 12 pm to 4 pm at Cassell Coliseum to help man a booth for NRVR.  We could have demonstrations and handouts with NRVR information and answer questions from students and their parents.

 - also on Saturday 2/21 we will be helping students build rockets.  All the supplies will be provided and these kits have sturdy plastic fin cans.  The most challenging part will be the gluing of the shock cord into the body tube, so this can be messy.

We will be launching these rockets at Kentland Farms on Saturday March 21 at Kentland Farms and will have a lot of VT students helping there too.  The students will come in 2 separate groups of about 200 students and their parents.  We also want to show them at least 1 or 2 demo flights that will get them really excited.  For these flights:
  - only rockets that have previously flown successfully will be flown
  - limit is K impulse so we don't have to move spectators past 200 feet away
  - there are limited funds from Dr Kristy Collins and VBI to pay for demo motors.  Let me know if you are interested, what rocket you intend to fly , approximate altitude and desired motor.

I'm sure I forgot something so please add or correct as needed Kristy.

Thanks and don't forget about our first NRVR launch of 2015 on Saturday February 28

Bob Schoner
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