[NRVR-Members] Time to Rejoin NRVR for 2015 (Purging this email list this weekend)

Thomas Weeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Fri Jan 23 00:59:33 CST 2015

We had our annual January members meeting!

Thanks to everyone who helped not just with the official positions and finances 
in 2014, but a huge thanks to all of you who got to launches early, helped set 
up, stayed late, broke down, and really helped make all of this possible! 
Thank you all!

Well, after our required, TRA elections, Bob is once again our grand poo bah, 
President, and Prefect.

And our own Carlos Zapata has taken the position of NRVR Secretary!
(BTW Carlos.. this emailing the minutes thing is yours from now on. This one's 
a freebee ;)

I (Tweeks) will still function as the treasurer and webmaster.

New 2015 Membership:
As of right now, we have a total of 24 members in 2015!  Those of you who just 
signed up or re-upped, you will be on this members mail list for the rest of 
2015.  Those of you with a 2014 expired membership, I'm preparing to purge the 
mail 2014 list to only contain current 2015 members, so please re-up and get 
your forms and dues in to me by this weekend so you won't miss any 
announcements or anything.  Membership forms are here:

So sign up now so you don't miss out!

Also.. if you have not renewed your annual TRA membership, that's probably 
even more important... especially if you plan on getting certified, so don't 

Launches, Meetings, and Volunteer Events:
All upcoming launches, meetings and events are in the process of being posted 
to our calendar by the officers (right Bob and/or Carlos ? ;).  Whenever you 
want to see what's coming up, go there, or even add it to your phone's 

Right now we're expecting do do our launches the last Sat of every month (e.g. 
Feb 28th), and meetings on a schedule that the officers will announce soon.

Financial Standing:
Thanks to our corporate sponsor, Truesdell Engineering, we cama out of 2014 in 
the black. The Homer Hickam launch tapped us out, and Jordan gave another web-
marketing payment that more than got us through the year (and even paid for 
the pizza tonight). SO big thanks to Jordan!

We ended the year with $324 and some change in the bank, and after tonight's 
account renewals (once the checks clear), we'll be at around $454.42.

Thanks all!

Bob? Carlos? Did I miss anything?

NRVR Founder

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