[NRVR-Members] Looking atg getting a trailer for the club... anyone able to pitch in?

Thomas Weeks tweeks-homework at theweeks.org
Sun Jan 25 17:27:07 CST 2015

Hey all..

A few of us are actively watching craigslist and other sources for a 2" ball-
hitch, enclosed trailer for the club. Ideally, we're looking for a good 
condition 5x10ft enclosed trailer (would prefer with a down-hinged, rear ramp 
door with a second front area door) for $500 or less. A hard find, but we've 
already seen a couple pop up on craigslist (if anyone has any other used 
suggestions, let us know).  

** Specifically, we need to know if anyone would be willing to make a 
** one time donation toward such a purchase. Not expecting students to
** pitch in, but the more members who help out, the easier it should be.

Let us know at officers[at]nrvr.org.  If you want to make an anonymous gift.. I 
guess you could can also send a money order make out/sent to:
	NRV Rocketry
	4095 Fortress Dr
	Blacksburg VA 24060

(I really need to get our eventbrite/donations link set up)

Thanks all!

Treasurer of NRV Rocketry

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