[NRVR-Members] Saturday launch and a plea for help

Bob Schoner bob.schoner at gmail.com
Wed Jun 24 11:14:08 CDT 2015

Just a rider that this Saturday is our scheduled launch day.  There will
not be a hobby/motor vendor and no portapoty.

Weather may be a factor but unless it looks like heavy rain all day I plan
to start setting up at 9am.   If you want to know the field conditions
before you drive out, you call call me at 540 818 9829.

I have b een bust with cub and boy scouts this week.  I could really use
some help from noon to 3 pm tomorrow.  I can't be there all day due to work
and need someone to help launch about 30 model rockets on A motors in the

Please let me know if you can help out with the launch or bring a rocket to
demo on a G motor.  This is at Randolph park in Dublin.


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