[NRVR-Members] NRV Rocketry November & December launches and calendar of events

Thomas Weeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Sun Nov 15 00:27:49 CST 2015

Hey fellow Rocketeers!

Bob is getting some needed rest and asked me to send this out.
As we wind down our calendars on 2015 we want to first off thank everyone for 
their help, support, and your contributions of time, financial help, 
encouragement and energy this year!  We hope you all feel appreciated and find 
that you get something out of your membership in NRVR.  

So here's what we have planned for the rest of 2015. 

November 2015:
We have one more launch scheduled for 2015:
o November 21, Afternoon launch + Meeting + Night Launch
This Saturday will be a 1 day launch with a membership meeting and a night 
  o   Launch starting at 12:00 noon
  o   Range shutdown from 5:00 to 6:00 for membership meeting and dinner
  o   NRVR will provide pizza, so please let us know if you are planning on 
       being there!
  o   Night launch will starts at 6:00 and go until 8:00 weather permitting*
       If the launch gets called for weather* then we will try to schedule a  
       meeting/get together for some time in November or December. 
  o MEMBER VOLUNTEERS please sign up for various help-positions here:
    LAUNCH VOLUNTEER SIGNUP --> https://goo.gl/SOZahk 

* NOTE: Weather permitting means, no winds over 15 mph, steady rain, or very 
wet field conditions. Based on the weather forecast we will make a call on the 
night launch by noon that day. If we DO the night launch, it will end at 8pm. 
If we do not, then the members meeting will end around 6pm.

December 2015
o No Launch in December: 
With the general business of December we feel that a rocket launch will not be 
that well staffed or attended.  If you feel differently and really want to 
launch rockets in December, please let one of the officers know.

o Outreach: Anyone Interested in a Float in the Blacksburg Christmas Parade?: 
Several of us  have talked about having a presence in the Blacksburg Christmas 
parade.  If we wanted to be in the Blacksburg Christmas parade (Friday Dec 4) 
how many of you would be interested and willing to participate?
 Bob was envisioning a one or two big rockets on a flat bed decorated with 
Christmas lights with our banner, and maybe get some inexpensive, foam finger-
rockets with a rubber band that we can flip into the crowd.  We could put our 
URL on them and maybe have some ½ or ¼ page info sheets to give out to people 
who are interested.  
Please contact us and share your thoughts on this and what YOUR ideas are for 
doing something like this. We think it would be great for getting more 
community exposure, membership and club participation. We can't do this sort 
of thing alone. 

NRV Rocketry Officers
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