[NRVR-Members] Welcome new NRV Rocketry Members!

Thomas Weeks tweeks-homework at theweeks.org
Sun Sep 6 01:11:59 CDT 2015

Hello all,

I just finished poking all of you new folk's info (from your membership forms) 
into our data system, verifying your email addresses, and adding you in to the 
NRVR Members mail list. So welcome new members!

Getting Started in Medium & High Power:
I won't retype all of our "getting started" email info over again... but will 
instead just refer you to this 2013 email on the ins and outs of getting 
started in High Power (or even medium power) rocketry, as it has much of what 
I'm sure you're wanting/needing to know about to get started:

As referenced in that message link above, our club really loves all the 
informative links and video available on the Apogee Rockets site here:

It's a really GREAT resource for new folks wanting to learn about medium and 
high power rocketry. Spend some time out there. ;)

Placing a Bulk Motor Order Together
Some of you said you were interested in buying reloadable motors like what you 
saw us using today.. or even getting your L1 or L2 cert motors. Well there are 
several things you can get for free. Be sure to check out that 2013-email  
link above and scroll down to the "Get Your Level-1 Cert" area and read the 
note about getting FREE rocket motor hardware ($40-50 value). And add to that 
if we all do our orders for October together here soon.. then we can also save 
in shipping AND hazmat fees ($25 per person) if we all place a good sized 
order together. That's around $85-90 in savings if we all do it together. 

Just start off my talking to us about a rocket (if you don't already have one), 
and the motor that goes with your rocket.  But let's not wait too long to 
place out order.  I think we're talking about ordering through Ken Allen at 
https://www.performancehobbies.com/   So start looking at the rocket and/or 
motors you need now so that we can all combine our order together before our 
next October Launch (not on the calendar yet.. but I think I heard Bob say it 
was on Oct 17th).

Any questions?

NRV Rocketry Founder

p.s. please excuse any typos.. I'm operating on very few hours of sleep.. ;)

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