[NRVR-Members] What's your favorite dual purpose Medium + HP Rocket?

Thomas Weeks tweeks-homework at theweeks.org
Tue Sep 8 21:41:26 CDT 2015

What's your favorite Medium+High Power (G-thru-H motor) rocket?

Since we have a number of new members, this seems like a good time to share 
info on this. Especially with a big launch coming up in October, and people 
preparing to place motor orders (give a shout out here if anyone needs to get 
in on our group order to safe a ton of money).

I know several guys in our group like and used the Aerotech G-Force to fly G's 
(pre-certification) and then used it to get their L1 certification. 
Several glowing reviews here:

Great info and purchase link here:

NOTE: This is a 29mm motor mount rocket, meaning this is a solid G performer 
but it can also function well to get you your L1 cert.  However, a very 
popular mod is to swap out the motor mount and centering rings with 38mm 
components to make this rocket a real screamer.. able to take H and some I 
motors without further modifications. (contact someone who's done this before 
if you never have. There are some trade offs and considerations)

Another great mid+high power performer is the LOC Precision Minnie-Mag:

This one is great because it is a 38mm ready to go, plus it's over 5" in 
diameter which means it has slow, dramatic liftoffs that won't punch a hole in 
the stratosphere (i.e. you'll likely get it back  and get your certification 
with ease ;)

Another ready to go 38mm G/H/I motor rocket is the Patriot Missile by Mad Cow:

A really popular rocket with the scale missile lovers. :)

More info on L1 certification:

So what's YOUR favorite Medium + High Power rocket?

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