[NRVR-Members] What's your favorite dual purpose Medium + HP Rocket?

Thomas Weeks tweeks-homework at theweeks.org
Tue Sep 8 22:03:18 CDT 2015

BTW.. the place we're looking at doing our big October order through is with 
Ken Allen of Performance Hobbies here:

I'm not sure if he's going to make our October Launch (for free deliveries).. 
but collectively, if we get a NRVR group $400 order together, then we get free 
shipping (plus no individual $25 hazmat fees!).  Ken also carries several of 
the multi-purpose G-H rockets that I listed below.

Plus.. if you're buying your first high power motor for certification, you can 
get the motor casing (that your reloadable motor grains go in to) for free! 
Another 40-50 savings! :)

Just let Bob or the officers(at)nrvr.org know that you're joining our group 
order before placing it.

p.s. Bob.. we know if Ken is coming here in October?

On Tuesday 08 September 2015 22:41:26 Thomas Weeks wrote:
> What's your favorite Medium+High Power (G-thru-H motor) rocket?
> Since we have a number of new members, this seems like a good time to share
> info on this. Especially with a big launch coming up in October, and people
> preparing to place motor orders (give a shout out here if anyone needs to
>  get in on our group order to safe a ton of money).
> I know several guys in our group like and used the Aerotech G-Force to fly
>  G's (pre-certification) and then used it to get their L1 certification.
>  Several glowing reviews here:
> http://www.rocketreviews.com/aerotech-aerospace-g-force--by-dan-schneider.h
> tml
> Great info and purchase link here:
> https://www.apogeerockets.com/Rocket_Kits/Skill_Level_3_Kits/G-Force
> NOTE: This is a 29mm motor mount rocket, meaning this is a solid G
>  performer but it can also function well to get you your L1 cert.  However,
>  a very popular mod is to swap out the motor mount and centering rings with
>  38mm components to make this rocket a real screamer.. able to take H and
>  some I motors without further modifications. (contact someone who's done
>  this before if you never have. There are some trade offs and
>  considerations)
> Another great mid+high power performer is the LOC Precision Minnie-Mag:
> http://www.rocketreviews.com/locprecision-minie-magg--by-bryan-m-chuck.html
> https://www.apogeerockets.com/Rocket_Kits/Skill_Level_3_Kits/Minie-Magg
> This one is great because it is a 38mm ready to go, plus it's over 5" in
> diameter which means it has slow, dramatic liftoffs that won't punch a hole
>  in the stratosphere (i.e. you'll likely get it back  and get your
>  certification with ease ;)
> Another ready to go 38mm G/H/I motor rocket is the Patriot Missile by Mad
>  Cow:
>  https://www.apogeerockets.com/Rocket_Kits/Skill_Level_3_Kits/Patriot_Missi
> le
> A really popular rocket with the scale missile lovers. :)
> More info on L1 certification:
> https://www.apogeerockets.com/High-Power_Rocketry_Certification?pg=quicksid
> e
> So what's YOUR favorite Medium + High Power rocket?
> Tweeks

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