[NRVR-Members] Open invitation to NRVR business meeting this Thursday

Kelly Brennan ksb24060 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 8 05:54:50 CDT 2016

Won't make it Thurs., as will be in the hayfield, but will pass on some thoughts as per "topics".
- launch attendance: my guess is so many choices of things for people to do that monthly attendance not a priority for people.  obviously, we get better crowds during regular academic year @ vt.- schedule: i think taking summers off makes sense with regards to officer burnout, and trumps likely good weather.  august and may are crap shoots with regards to vt students due to beginning/end of semesters.                dec.-mar. is weather questionable.  Moving launch to 1st Sats. might give best opportunity for good weather/attendance esp. sept-dec., though there could be Labor day conflicts sept.. 4th Sats. interfere with       Thanksgiving/Christmas
- membership is a can of worms and I think you do a great job with your efforts with groups and monthly meetings CRC.  the value is there, esp. when you also think about membership/launch fees
We really enjoy the launches and comraderie and are dissappointed when we can't make it, but are a perfect example of shifting priorities.  I'm in it for Anna and her interests and activities continue to expand, so there is an escalating conflict in scheduling and, increasingly, rockets lose out.
I'm glad the Civil Air Patrol has plugged into the launches, but don't know that will work out as, again, it is a small group of kids and leaders.
Best to all.  We are grateful for all that you and Carlos and Tweeks have done and do.  Choose what is best for you guys.

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The officers and directors of NRVR will be meeting this Thursday night at 6:00 at Amelia's in Christiansburg to discuss club stuff.  Any members are welcomed to join us but if you think you'll be there please RSVP so I get a large enough table or room for us.
Among the topics I know we want to talk about are: - Launch attendance dropping off.  Too many launches or just coincidence? - summer schedule including discussion on cancelling July and August launches - Ideas for attracting and retaining members. - Ideas about improving the value of club membership - discussion about launch fees for non-members and reduced launch fees for members - launch announcements (not mentioning Kentland Farm, just NRVR) - social media ideas - thoughts on splitting up TRA Prefecture and club duties, including possible election of President and VP 

We thank you for your interest and membership in New River Valley Rocketry.  I think we have a very good field where we can fly year round, with model and high power rockets.  If you are interested in the future health and direction of NRVR, I encourage you to reply with comments or attend the business meeting on 6/9.
Amelia's is located at 1130 Cambria St NE, Christiansburg, VA 24073

Thank you.
Bob Schoner

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