[NRVR-Members] Vendor at Saturday's launch

Thomas (Tweeks) Weeks tweeks at rackspace.com
Fri Mar 25 01:39:52 CDT 2016

That's awesome Bob! Nice job!

I love Ken.. :)  I'm going out there first thing in the morning to see if there's anything I need. (there usually is :)

For those who have not ordered from Ken before and had him bring your rocket and motor orders to a launch:

1) SAVE $$:
This instantly saves you between $35 or so in HazMat+shipping fees (for rocket motors)

 the URL is http://performancehobbies.com/

He traditionally asks that for Saturday orders, that we get them in to him before noon on Friday (maybe he'll make an exception for us this once (reply if so Ken))

You new folks who need to buy a cert motor and/or motor casing.. this is your chance to pick up a motor reload on the cheap, AND get your FREE Cesaroni motor casing (by mentioning that your purchase is for a cert launch and that it is being delivered to the NRVR launch :) If flying 38mm.. I recommend getting the L1/L2 motor casing "Set":
If Cesaroni is still offering the "free cert casing" deal, and you buy a reload to go in it, maybe Ken will knock the $38 off that price and you'll have everything you need to cert L1 & L2 later on for around $70!! :)

Did I leave anything out Ken?


p.s. Hey Ken.. I added you to the NRVR-members at nrvr.org mail list, but as a "no mail" member so you won't get our list chatter. If you want to get our chatter (pretty low).. then just log in to the list config for your account (with the mail list credentials it sends you) and you can turn off the "no mail" option. :)

From: Bob Schoner <bob.schoner at gmail.com>
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Subject: Vendor at Saturday's launch

Just got off the phone with Ken Allen of Performance Hobbies and he would like to come to our launch on Saturday. If you are looking for rocket kits, motors or building supplies please consider giving Ken a call or let me know that you would like to support Ken at a launch.

Thinks are shaping up for a great launch on Saturday

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