[NRVR-Members] Great Launch! & Motor Orders for October 7/8th Launch

Thomas Tweeks Weeks tom at theweeks.org
Sun Sep 17 23:01:12 CDT 2017

I don't know about you, but I had a really great time at the Saturday launch! Here's a bunch of photos & info:

Stay tuned on more info on the upcoming "Big Fall Launch" (Oct 7/8th).. (regarding motor orders).. but first, here are some stats from the launch this past weekend.

We had a ton of great flights Saturday, a few dozen scouts launching their rockets, at least one L2 cert flight that I know of, a ton of fun high power launches, we raised around $78 in donations and fees, and four new VT student joined NRVR.

Speaking of which, I just want a second to welcome our four new student members:
Andrew Farley
Aahan Kumar Atrey
Shiven Saxena
Devansk Chawla

You guys want to tell us a little about yourselves and what drew you to rocketry?

Here's a good overview of how hobby and high power rocketry works and a decent general primer that covers a lot of the basics. You might want to look it over and bookmark some of the links it provides:  http://nrvr.org/what-is-high-power-rocketry/

Also.. to stay up on what we have coming up, be sure to subscribe (or add) the NRVR Calendar to your own device or google calendar, as we some times change dates and times.. and that's the best way to stay in sync:

Am I missing anything anyone?


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