[NRVR-Members] Order your HP motors for the October Launch by no later than Mon 10/2 (6pm)!

Thomas Tweeks Weeks tom at theweeks.org
Mon Sep 18 18:35:24 CDT 2017

Hey fellow Rocketeers!

Do you need HP motors for the upcoming October 7/8th "Big Fall Launch"? 
I know *I* do! :)

October is a really busy motor vendor time, but we WERE able to find a well stocked motor vendor (Chris with www.csrocketry.com) who is willing to do a combined/shared-cost group shipment for us! (saving us each $15-20 in hazmat/shipping fees!). 

When placing your order (BEFORE Monday 10/2 @6pm), just put in the shipping notes "for NRVR/Kentland Launch" and Chris will subtract off your shipping fees and put your purchases into one big shared shipment to NRVR where Bob or myself will be handing them out at the launch. This means we'll all get to split a single Hazmat and shipping fees, saving us each $15-20 or more!

Motor Vendor URL:	https://www.csrocketry.com/
Shipping Note:		"for NRVR/Kentland Launch"
Order By: 		6pm, Mon Oct 2nd (will be shipped to Tweeks Tue morning)

This gives us exactly TWO WEEKS to place our motor orders!
So get your orders in while Chris' inventory is still high!


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