[NRVR-Members] April Two Day Launch

Thomas Tweeks Weeks tom at theweeks.org
Tue Apr 3 22:46:56 CDT 2018

Starting this thread to start planning for the next launch. 
Anyone want to take the torch of being the April LD (Launch Director)?  It's a great way to pitch in and help share the load of running launches.  I did it for March.. it's not a big deal. You're just overseeing that we have coverage for each of the duties get done... like:
Be the named organizer/overseer for the launch.
Activate the FAA waiver, perform Airport call-ins (opening and closing).
Ensure we have people-coverage to reasonably start and conclude the full launch event.
For more info, see here: [ https://tinyurl.com/nrvr-duties ]( https://tinyurl.com/nrvr-duties ) 
Let us know if you think you're even partially able.. we'll help out. :)
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