[NRVR-Members] April Two Day Launch

Captain_Zero Residential School Bus of Ten Forward USS.Defiant-A at live.com
Wed Apr 4 19:05:28 CDT 2018

I can help with set up again on both days. Sticking around for breakdown would be dependent on end of the semester projects and deadlines though, though.

C. A. Stone
Aerospace Engineering & Meteorology
Virginia Tech, Class of 2018

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Starting this thread to start planning for the next launch.

Anyone want to take the torch of being the April LD (Launch Director)?  It's a great way to pitch in and help share the load of running launches.  I did it for March.. it's not a big deal. You're just overseeing that we have coverage for each of the duties get done... like:

  *   Be the named organizer/overseer for the launch.
  *   Activate the FAA waiver, perform Airport call-ins (opening and closing).
  *   Ensure we have people-coverage to reasonably start and conclude the full launch event.

For more info, see here: https://tinyurl.com/nrvr-duties

Let us know if you think you're even partially able.. we'll help out. :)


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