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Kevin Paar kevinpaar at me.com
Fri Apr 27 14:14:02 CDT 2018


- Correct, you're limited to one L1 motor for the attempt. Other club 
members can help you out with the process, it's not as daunting as it 
seems. You should take advantage of the club group orders. Mail-ordering 
single motors by yourself is insanely expensive due to the HazMat fees. 
On-site vendors are great as well, IF they have the motor you want (more 
likely if you pre-order with them).

- As far as I know you don't need a formal mentor before L3. I didn't.

- This mailing list is good for the questions. It's likely you're not 
the only one wondering.

- The Madcow Super DX3 is similar to the Torrent. I can personally vouch 
for it, having done L1/L2 with it. Several others in the club have also 
built one. You can order from direct from Madcow and option it out as 
desired. e.g. I found the 36" chute to be inadequate, especially for the 
L2 weight. I'll have mine at the launch on Sat if you want to take a 
look at it.

-- Kevin Paar
> Adrien Drouault <mailto:adrien.drouault at gmail.com>
> April 27, 2018 at 1:07 PM
> Hi all.  Some questions ...
> Will we have a vendor on-site for the summer two-day launch?  Or, do 
> we plan another group buy before then?
> As I understand it, I can buy exactly one "H" or "I" motor before 
> achieving my L1, if it's intended to be used for the cert attempt; is 
> that correct?
> Beyond that, what's the actual process?  I know there's a written test 
> for L2, but do I need to officially sign someone up to be my mentor, 
> or do any other legwork before L1?  (I have, and have read, /Modern HP 
> Rocketry 2/, as well as the new /Make: High Power Rockets/ books, but 
> I still always have dumb questions when it comes to procedures...)
> I'm currently leaning towards the Madcow Torrent; I don't love that 
> it's exclusive to Apogee, but I like that it's "all-in-one" and 
> capable of handling L2 motors and dual deploy as well.
> My general thinking:
>   * Bigger (diameter) is better; more room to work in the fuselage
>   * Also, heavier, with the same motor, slower and lower; less chance
>     of shred or loss to wind
>   * Don't mess with dual deploy on the cert flight (less to go wrong)
> Thanks; I appreciate the thoughts and guidance
> Adrien
> Looking forward to tomorrow; see you all there ...
> :-)
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