[NRVR-Members] Early Bfast (in cburg) and Trailer pickup howto

Adrien Drouault adrien.drouault at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 22:18:43 CDT 2018

My truck should have no problems dragging 2700 lbs.

Presuming I can wake up early enough to get down there, and Waze doesn't
get me lost, I'll aim to see you at McDonald's at 07:30.

On Fri, Apr 27, 2018, 23:03 Bob Schoner <bob.schoner at gmail.com> wrote:

> No. I’ll buy some ice. Water will be great.
> Thanks Caitlyn
> On Fri, Apr 27, 2018 at 11:00 PM Captain_Zero Residential School Bus of
> Ten Forward <uss.defiant-a at live.com> wrote:
>> Will probably meet you guys out there in the morning. I'm going to drop
>> by Kroger on my way out and pick up a case of water again.
>> Any other drink requests?
>> Caitlyn Stone
>> Aerospace Engineering & Meterology
>> Virginia Tech, Class of 2018
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>> Hey all.  :)
>> This may not qualify as an official club meeting,  but in the spirit of
>> sharing knowledge​ (and making sure Bob and I are not the only ones who can
>> pick up the club trailer) I'm going to show Pete how we pickup and where we
>> return/park the trailer tomorrow morning. Just in case Bob and I are not
>> around.  Pete can't haul 2700 lbs with his car, but he could then at least
>> show other members where and how to get our stuff to the field.
>> I know it doesn't sound like much fun.. but if anyone wants to join Pete
>> and I for and early bfast and trailer pickup ,we're meeting for breakfast
>> at McDonald's by Motor Mile at 7:30am before we go down hwy 8 in Riner to
>> pick up the trailer (just past the golf course) and then drive out to
>> Kentland. Probably stopping at the Gobble Stop gas station (for water and
>> drinks) b4 driving down to Kentland for setup.
>> Speaking about Kentland... We may actually get down there a little early
>> as we have a lot of setup and extra caution peremeters for this launch.
>> If not.. No biggie.. just want to let others know in case anyone wants to
>> join us and see how we go get, unlock and hitch up the trailer.
>> If not... See you at the field (maybe a little earlier)
>> Tweeks
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