[NRVR-Members] Early Bfast (in cburg) and Trailer pickup howto

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Sat Apr 28 11:46:33 CDT 2018

Tweeks.  Running late. B there shortly after 2pm.  Bloom

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 Subject: [NRVR-Members] Early Bfast (in cburg) and Trailer pickup howto
 To: nrvr-members at nrvr.org
 Date: Friday, April 27, 2018, 6:25 PM
 Hey all.  :)
 This may not qualify as an official club
 meeting,  but in the spirit of sharing knowledge​
 (and making sure Bob and I are not the only ones who can
 pick up the club trailer) I'm going to show Pete how we
 pickup and where we return/park the trailer tomorrow
 morning. Just in case Bob and I are not around.  Pete
 can't haul 2700 lbs with his car, but he could then at
 least show other members where and how to get our stuff to
 the field.
 I know it doesn't sound like much fun.. but
 if anyone wants to join Pete and I for and early bfast and
 trailer pickup ,we're meeting for breakfast at
 McDonald's by Motor Mile at 7:30am before we go down hwy
 8 in Riner to pick up the trailer (just past the golf
 course) and then drive out to Kentland. Probably stopping at
 the Gobble Stop gas station (for water and drinks) b4
 driving down to Kentland for setup.  
 Speaking about Kentland... We may actually get
 down there a little early as we have a lot of setup and
 extra caution peremeters for this launch.
 If not.. No biggie.. just want to let others
 know in case anyone wants to join us and see how we go get,
 unlock and hitch up the trailer.
 If not... See you at the field (maybe a little
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