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Eric Paterson egpaterson at gmail.com
Sat Sep 8 15:54:36 CDT 2018

NRVR members,

I talked to Ben and Elaine Russell (Gainesville, VA) about offering their "Introduction to Propellant Making” class here in Blacksburg.   The class covers the following topics:
How to safely handle and store chemicals and propellants
What’s needed to get started
Clothing, gloves etc.
Casting sets – mandrels and caps
Liner / casting tubes
Motor hardware
Vacuum systems
Process of mixing and packing AP based propellants. The student mixes and packs their own 54mm reload.
Overview of Burnsim –motor design and simulation program
You'll leave the class with
A 3 grain 54mm J class reload which you mixed and packed.  The reload can be flown at an experimental launch by those with Level-2 certification.
A 3-ring binder containing all the class materials and discount coupons
Tru-Core 54 mm 3 grain casting set which includes a 5/8” x 14” AL mandrel and casting caps. Packing stick included.
Tuition is $325 per student.   I am thinking of holding the class jointly for a small group of NRVR members and VT students on a Saturday sometime this fall.

Would you take this course given the $325 tuition?    I would like to get an idea of the general level of interest among NRVR members before reaching out to our students.  


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