[NRVR-Members] Messing with Video

Adrien Drouault adrien.drouault at gmail.com
Sat Sep 8 19:14:25 CDT 2018

Thanks, Tweeks.

My original plan was to find some way of streaming the data in real time
from an Arduino/ATMega based altimeter to the video, but this was done
after the fact with a (Windows) program called Dashware (free as in beer),
that lets you combine existing video with tracker data in CSV format. (in
this case, the data from the JL Altimeter 3).

Hopefully, at this month's launch, I will finally get another decent video
so that I can play with it some more.

On Sat, Sep 8, 2018, 00:31 Thomas Tweeks Weeks <tom at theweeks.org> wrote:

> That's way cool Adrien!
> Were you using a specific arduino video encoder package?
> Tweeks
> On Friday, September 7, 2018 1:22am, "Adrien Drouault" <
> adrien.drouault at gmail.com> said:
> So, in case anyone is interested, I've been messing around with overlaying
> altimeter data on the video from my little Flowbee-mounted camera (when the
> stupid thing works).
> I've uploaded a recut of the video from my L1 flight, with a G meter, and
> a spiffy altimeter tape.
> Sadly, I just noticed that I hosed up the synchronization between the
> video and the data, just slightly, and so the altitude tape starts climbing
> just a fraction of a second before the rocket starts moving.
> So, I need to fix that.  Tomorrow.  After I sleep or something.
> Anyway, it's at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCZCRM4kyjU if anyone
> wants to take a look.
> Happy Friday
> Adrien
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> *Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur.*
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