[NRVR-Members] More Technical Details About Jolly Logic Chute Release

Jim Stoll jim_stoll at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 8 20:55:20 CDT 2018

 Count me in! :-) (Tho I don't think I'd be able to talk Nicholas into putting his Graduator up for 'lets see what happens if we plug *this* hole' testing... ;-)
    On Saturday, September 8, 2018, 8:54:34 PM EDT, Thomas Tweeks Weeks <tom at theweeks.org> wrote:  
> Nicholas is so far 2-for-2 with the JL - he followed Tweeks’ advice, and drilled a small hole 

> just below the nose cone. His chute is actually a bit on the small size (18”) in a 2.6” BT, 

> using dog barf as wadding. 
Yeah Jim.. I remember that flight.. the chute bundle was very lose so no worries there.  I was more wondering about what Bob brought up.. if the chute was forced down and covered the vent hole then that could confuse the CR.But again.. just theory right now.  Would love to work on this quandary with you (and our arduino fixation ;)Tweeks

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