[NRVR-Members] Thanks for Helping with the April Launch!!

Thomas Tweeks Weeks tom at theweeks.org
Mon Apr 29 09:22:09 CDT 2019

Hi all..
We really had a pretty cool launch this past weekend. It was looking pretty dodgy there the night before. Lots of things going wrong from officers losing power, not knowing the wind conditions, confusion on picking up the trailer, etc.. But in the end, we all came together and pulled it off really well!  I really want to thanks all the helpers who both showed up for setup and stuck around for breakdown! We could not have done it as smoothly without all the help!
Even though it we delayed setup and were not flying until noon, we stayed and were there through 6:30!! Wow.. Late day..
We had first time new members connecting with us (some from out of state), multiple student flights (including our new student club friends at NRCC), as well as new member cert flights and exams (I'm assuming those went well).
The photo album is posted (and open to new photo additions) in our fbook group here:
Did you have any info to share about the launch?
Nice job all, and thank you,
NRVR President
p.s. If you have not received your membership card yet, drop Adrien (our 2019 Secretary/Treasurer) a line at treasurer(at)nrvr.org

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