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Weeks, Thomas t.weeks at vt.edu
Tue Feb 5 14:30:14 CST 2019

No rush.. we'll see what opportunities come up over the semester and I'll send out a poll for helpers.. you know.. just to see if anyone is interested helpign make the COOLEST HIGH POWER LAUNCH PAD IN ALL OF SOUTH WESTERN VIRGINIA!!!  :^)

sorry.. got excited there.. :)


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I'd love to, but I don't know exactly which one would work. The tower looks like some version of the Amerite line, so I assume of these (https://www.dxengineering.com/search/product-line/amerite-tower-base-plates?autoview=SKU&N=part-type%3Atower-base-plates&keyword=amerite&sortby=BestKeywordMatch&sortorder=Ascending) bases should work, but I don't know what size it is. Maybe our SERVA contact knows?

Parts and Accessories<https://www.dxengineering.com/search/product-line/amerite-tower-base-plates?autoview=SKU&N=part-type%3Atower-base-plates&keyword=amerite&sortby=BestKeywordMatch&sortorder=Ascending>
Parts and Accessories and get Free Standard Shipping on orders over $99 at DX Engineering!

I agree, it is a hassle. A trailer like the ones you've linked would be much better.

I'm definitely interested, but my semester is pretty packed - committing would just be irresponsible. I'd love to help where I can, though!


On Sun, Feb 3, 2019 at 8:36 PM Thomas Tweeks Weeks <tom at theweeks.org<mailto:tom at theweeks.org>> wrote:
Hey David!
Thanks for coming to the meeting.. and joining NRVR! :)

Yeah.. so I browsed that DXEngineering site.. can you point me to the base plate you were looking at?

I don't know about the other members, but I would not really want to build a tower system that we have to erect, stake  into the ground, and run guide wires for every time we want to load a rocket.

I was kind of hoping to eventually be able to afford (or get donated) a trailer that can auto-leverage the pad down to load and back up into launch position. This is also how most large tri-beam away pads work:

Especially since our tri-beam already has a trailer pivot axle and bolt down mount points around 4ft off the ground.

If you're interested in helping with this project.. find a couple of members willing to pitch in and find what we need to make it happen. :)


Also.. unless someone has a hydrolic piston to donate, the unit came with a dedicated lead-acid cell and 12v winch + cable.


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> http://server2.nrvr.org/mailman/listinfo/nrvr-membersHey everyone,
> My name is David Aden - I joined back in the fall. I'm an ME student at
> Tech. If you were at the November launch, you may remember me as the guy
> who tried to cert on a minimum diameter silver rocket that promptly
> disappeared until 2 1/2 hours later.
> I'm a part of the Orbital Launch Vehicle Team at Virginia Tech, and I was
> in charge of the launch tower for our September launch. At the meeting on
> Thursday, I spoke with Tweeks about the new launch tower we got from SERVA
> - the design looks almost identical to the one OLVT used, and I bet we
> could get a base for it from dxengineering.com<http://dxengineering.com>, where OLVT bought their
> tower hardware from. The base comes with a hinge - you stake it down, lift
> the tower to vertical, and secure it with guy wires. Another option that
> was discussed is to buy a trailer; the tower still has functional hinges on
> it, so they could just be bolted in to a beam or something along those
> lines.
> Just my two cents. Looking forward to flying more with y'all!
> David

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