2018 NRVR Memberships Expire Jan 31st, Re-Up Now for 2019

Peter Cadra pcadra at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 3 18:38:51 CST 2019

I hate having to pester folks... but it's part of the treasurer's job to collect annual member dues.

Just a friendly reminder... 2018 memberships expire at the end of the month.  At that time, non-current members get removed from the current members list [nrvr-members], and popped over to the public mail list [nrvr], which we mainly only use for launch announcements (not for club discussions, Q&A, etc).  If you get an "unsubscribe" email, but you're actually current.. then call me (mobile) 908-552-9919 or email me at pcadra at yahoo.com

Again, the NRVR club membership form and dues info is all here:

This is also a good time to renew your Tripoli membership too (if you do it around this time of year).  

Flag me if you're dropping your local NRVR form & dues in the mail and I'll add you to my "grace period" pile as I go through and update our records, mail lists, and re-print membership cards, etc (it's actually a lot of work).

Thanks all,


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