[NRVR-Members] 2018 NRVR Memberships Expire Jan 31st, Re-Up Now for 2019

Weeks, Thomas t.weeks at vt.edu
Fri Jan 4 09:06:31 CST 2019

Thanks Pete!

Also note.. the new membership form has Pete's mailing address on it (not mine):


Also note.. Everyone (even lifetime members) still needs to sign the form (or initial your existing form on file) to complete the renewal process.  We should have the old forms (to initial for 2019) at the next meeting.

Speaking of which Pete.. Did we settle on a elections/renewall meeting date?  If so, I can book the room here in the CRC.

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Subject: 2018 NRVR Memberships Expire Jan 31st, Re-Up Now for 2019

I hate having to pester folks... but it's part of the treasurer's job to collect annual member dues.

Just a friendly reminder... 2018 memberships expire at the end of the month.  At that time, non-current members get removed from the current members list [nrvr-members], and popped over to the public mail list [nrvr], which we mainly only use for launch announcements (not for club discussions, Q&A, etc).  If you get an "unsubscribe" email, but you're actually current.. then call me (mobile) 908-552-9919 or email me at pcadra at yahoo.com

Again, the NRVR club membership form and dues info is all here:
Join NRV Rocketry – NRV Rocketry<http://nrvr.org/join-nrv-rocketry/>
NRV Rocketry membership is by calendar year, from Jan 1st (or enroll date) to December 31st. The fee schedule is a flat once/year rate of: Students = $5

This is also a good time to renew your Tripoli membership too (if you do it around this time of year).

Flag me if you're dropping your local NRVR form & dues in the mail and I'll add you to my "grace period" pile as I go through and update our records, mail lists, and re-print membership cards, etc (it's actually a lot of work).

Thanks all,


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